2003  Ch. Minard Krystal Darque  Miniature Long                                                  Judge Liz Cartledge

2004  Bardachs Santa Cruz to Stargang Miniature Smooth                                      Judge Jean Lanning

2005  Ch. Minard Krystal Darque  Miniature Long                                                  Judge Simon Parsons

2006  Ch/JapCh. Drakesleat JP Jest Dis Once (Imp)  Miniature Wire                        Judge Marion Spavin

2007  Ch/Can/Am Ch. Grandgables Ms Supernatural (Imp) Miniature Smooth           Judge Mike Gadsby

2008   Ch/Jap Ch Drakesleat JP Trier Winshoten (Imp)  Miniature Wire                    Judge Martin Philips

2009   Ch. Liebling Stormin' Norman   Standard Wire                                             Judge Elisabeth Rhodin

2010   Ch. Derochaise Black Orchid  Standard Wire                                           Judge  Gladys Mead

2011    Ch. Drakesleat Win A Lot       Miniature Wire                                          Judge Patsy Hollings

2012   Ch. Drakesleat Win A Lot           Miniature Wire                                      Judge Dr. Tamas Jakkel

2013    Ch. Sondebar Billie Jean at Stargang   Miniature Smooth                         Judge Howard Ogden

2014                     CANCELLED

2015   Ch. Drakesleat Scent Sybil       Miniature Wire                                        Judge Geoff Corish

2016  Ch. Swansford Warrador       Standard Long                                             Judge Pam Marston Pollock

2017   Ch. Stargang Cherry Berry  Miniature Smooth                                          Judge  Marita Rodgers

To inform, educate and support Dachshund enthusiasts, promoting the health and welfare of all six varieties in the UK and encouraging breeders and judges to adhere to the correct breed type

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