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We are looking forward to welcoming our members and friends to our first Dachshund Club fun-day!

All tickets for the 'sold out' Members fun day have been sent out and those attending will need the e-ticket to register their attendance on arrival.

You will then be presented with a ticket ID and be able to access the walled gardens around the house.

** If you have not received your E-Ticket please please contact the secretary Lloyd Cross **

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A Right Royal Picnic in the Park
Saturday 3rd June 2023

The first Dachshund Club Fun Day to be held in the grounds of the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. The event will be in special memory of Patricia Rossiter who kindly left the Club a donation in her will. The committee felt that as we have a large number of members, many of whom do not attend our shows, we would like to organise a special event to bring all our members together for a fun social day out.


We are offering all paid up members lots of fun activities including:

  • Dachshund Dash (short track dachshund racing)

  • Dachshund Agility course – have a go.

  • Scent work demonstration – have a go.

  • Raffle

  • Organised group strolls through the Sandringham Estate Grounds both in the morning and in the afternoon

  • A variety of stalls including Dachshund charities and gifts, dog paraphernalia will be attending.

The theme is picnic in the park so bring your lunch and the club will provide some complimentary refreshments. All members will also be given a complimentary pass (humans only) to walk around the grounds surrounding Sandringham House (can be upgraded for £10 on the day to visit the house itself subject to the King not being in residence) & also free car parking which is normally a charged facility.

To be able to join us for what promises to be a great day out and book a ticket please download the booking form on the link below 

 For those wishing to become a member, please visit out membership page by clicking the link below



In addition the Sandringham in Bloom event will be starting on the day of our event so there will be even more going on to see and enjoy!

Should any member wish to offer their help or possibly have a stall at the event, please contact the secretary Lloyd Cross

Details of dog friendly local accommodation will also be listed soon - caravan & camper-van facilities are available within walking distance of the event, why not make a weekend of it in this lovely part of West Norfolk

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