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The Dachshund Club Handbook


Preparations are already underway for the Dachshund Club Handbook 2014 -16 and we now need your input. Those of you familiar with the handbook will be aware that it is a unique publication and sold worldwide however its success depends on you.

An important part of the handbook is your advertisements and all the instructions are attached so please read them carefully. As usual these can be sent direct to the printers, Higham Press but nothing will be done with them until you complete the booking form, also attached with the remittance (payable to the Dachshund Club) to John Bennett. Your advertisement will then receive a number which will enable Higham Press to activate it. In addition to cheques Paypal is also acceptable - all details are on the form.


For the Gallery of Champions if you have made up a Champion (s) during the three years 2014 -16 please send a 3 gen. pedigree with D.O.B., sex, breeder and owner plus dates when received CCs including the Shows. Also send a photo of the dog(s) with their name on reverse. Wires, Smooths and Miniature Smooths should be sent to Rebecca Kerry ( Longs, Miniature Longs and Miniature Wires should be sent to John Bennett (







 Copies of the Handbook are available at Dachshund Club shows, and from our online SHOP